ISSI 's solutions are focused on delivering value added results to our clients. We do this by working collaboratively with our clients to ensure that an organization-wide perspective is taken. We then help the client develop a focused plan to keep the project on-track and on budget.

ISSI provides services and products in organizational development, process development and improvement, customer and employee satisfaction assessments and analysis, change management, and project management.

Client Value

Integrated Strategic Solutions, Inc. provides value to clients by providing a unique set of skills to solve tough challenges including:

•  What are the problems in our value chain?
•  How do we identify and implement best practices?
•  How do we become a high performance organization?
•  How do we continue to satisfy our customers?
•  How do we integrate new acquisitions?
•  What is our exit strategy?
•  How do we retain and organize corporate knowledge?

We work with organizations either independently or integrated within their team. We also work collaboratively with our clients to ensure buy-in on all solutions. Our solutions are tailored to the client's specific needs and we focus on delivering results. Throughout the process, we work with our clients' teams to permanently transfer knowledge and skills to the employees.

The Integrated Consulting Process

Integrated Strategic Solutions developed the Integrated Consulting Process. In developing this process, we leveraged lessons learned from already existing consulting processes as well as “best practices.” This process focuses on “Speed to Results.”

What is different about our approach is that it is “Client Centered” and based on upon the Business Case Justification. In other words, “What is the value of doing this specific project?” In addition our approach “Integrates” with the client's business processes; what the client's teams know will work for their organization and their culture “… no change, just to change .” Finally, our approach focuses on skill transfer so that the client retains the skills once we complete the project.

ISSI Integrated Consulting Process




Develop the Business Case justified needs

Measure & Analyze

What does the data tell us?


What “fits” … can be “integrated” with what the client does well or needs… avoid (cost) reinventing / change for sake of change


What approach will deliver the results … as soon as possible


With a client centered team


Provide regular status to the client


To insure the time line deliverables are met and the results are institutionalized

The value of designing the intervention prior to the action is that planning up-front helps to prevent defects down the line. There is a trade-off because it does take longer to go through the planning phase than it does through the implementation phase. However, the benefit of doing the up front planning is that it will cost less later.

Initial Planning is the Key to Reducing Defects Later