Integrated Strategic Solutions, Inc. provides organizational development, process development and improvement, customer and employee satisfaction assessments and analysis, change management, and project management services and products aimed at improving organizational performance.

Company Overview

Integrated Strategic Solutions, Inc. is a woman-owned business founded in 1999 to provide services to commercial and government clients. Our integrated team of professionals brings both functional and industry experience that benefit our clients. In addition, our team has strong educational credentials as well as a variety of certifications including:

•  Project Management
•  Meyers-Briggs
•  Rummler & Brache methodology
•  ASQ Certified Quality Engineer and Auditor

ISSI provides services and products in organizational development, process development and improvement, customer and employee satisfaction assessments and analysis, change management, and project management.

Our solutions are focused on delivering value added results to our clients. We do this by working collaboratively with our clients to ensure that an organization-wide perspective is taken. We then help the client develop a focused plan to keep the project on-track and on budget.


We have served a wide variety of clients and industries. Our main focus in delivery of our services and products is client satisfaction. This has resulted in repeat business as well as referrals.

Representative Accomplishments


Boeing Space Shuttle Program

•  Supporting Program Management Office
•  Facilitated Operating Plan Development
•  Integrated Planning for Return to Flight
•  Continuous Improvement Plan Development
•  Supported the development of the Communication Plan
•  Developed the Community Service Plan
•  Conducted Customer Satisfaction Analysis
•  Analyzed and Reported Employee Satisfaction results
•  Conducted Off-site Strategy Sessions
•  Program Transition and Consolidation Support
•  Developed Processes & Associated Documentation
•  Conducted Independent Best Practice Assessment
•  Implemented Best Practices
•  Developed Executive Presentations

Boeing Space Station Program


•  Supported the Logistics Program Management Office
•  Supported Boeing-wide Logistics Council
•  Wrote Management Plan for the Spare Battery Program
•  Conducted Risk Assessment for Spare Battery Program
•  Developed Risk Mitigation Plan for Spare Battery Program
•  Conducted Competitive Analysis
•  Conducted Productivity Analysis Addressing Performance Measures, Job Descriptions, Staffing, Customer Requirements, Policies/ Procedures/Processes and Best Practices
•  Developed the Logistics Business Model
•  Documented Processes
•  Deployed Continuous Improvement Effort
•  Conducted Surveys and Interviews to address employee satisfaction issues
•  Provided ISO 9000 Support
•  Conducted Off-site Strategy Sessions
•  Developed Executive Presentations

Office Pavilion – Information System Audit

Conducted an information systems assessment. The audit reviewed:

•  Information systems strategy
•  Help desk support
•  Technical infrastructure and other key areas.

Developed a questionnaire, conducted interviews and developed a report that:

•  Identified both strengths and weaknesses.
•  Contained a detailed action plan that addressed immediate, intermediate and long-term issues.

Identified an immediate cost savings by recommending an alternative to long distance dial-up access.

Customer Reference

“I was pleased with ISS's work and results and I would recommend them to any company needing similar services. Their efforts helped to positively guide our company toward making bottom line improvements. "

COO , Office Pavilion

Therapy Supply House – E Business Strategy

Developed an E-business strategy and model that:

•  Focused on integrating content, commerce and community.
•  Included medical device manufacturers, physical therapists, clinics and other durable medical equipment companies.

Wrote the business and functional specifications.

Project resulted in:

•  A greater understanding by the Web site developer of how the processes for the site were going to work.
•  Less cost to develop the site.

Customer Reference

“ISS helped Therapy Supply think through many issues and guided us in the development of a business strategy integrating e-commerce with our existing operations. ISS' work has also helped to focus the work of the company that is developing our Web site, resulting in savings of both time and money.”

- President, Therapy Supply House

The John Cooper School – Financial “What If' Scenarios

•  Developed an integrated set of financial spreadsheets to analyze "what if" scenarios with the school's business manager.
•  Spreadsheets reflected a variety of scenarios, each with varying sets of assumptions. Spreadsheets included:
•  Operations
•  Capital campaign
•  Financial position
•  Revised assumptions and new scenarios were calculated and analyzed. As the process evolved, assumptions were revised and new scenarios calculated and analyzed.
•  Results included a set of tools that supported strategic decision-making and implementation as the school evolved.